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Silverfish Control Adelaide – According to the factual data of this year, about 50-60% of the houses reported pest infestation in their houses, especially silverfish. Silverfish infestation could be a real threat, and this is why it is necessary to hire professional silverfish pest controllers in Adelaide.

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    Silverfish Control Adelaide: Dangers of Silverfish Infestation in the home.

    Silverfish are not threatening to people, but they can do a lot of mischief to resources due to their chewing manners. They feed on material including polysaccharides, particularly sugars and dextrin. These are remarkably common in clinging, such as adhesive and glue.

    Types of Silverfish That Might Invade Your House

    Common Silverfish

    Common silverfish is mostly found in indoor areas which are full of moisture. These places include kitchens, backyards and the likes. They can live for about 8-10 years. This species is wingless and is about 0.5- 1 inch in length. They are mostly at work at night while they hide during the day.

    Gray Silverfish

    This species of silverfish is named so, as they are completely grey to dark grey in color. They find their home in pipes of your bathroom, attics, small spaces, etc.


    This species is completely different in physical appearance from other types of silverfish. They are generally yellowish in color. They prefer to live in a hotter climate or places where the temperature is above 90°C. These places include furnaces, fireplaces in-house, and the likes. In fact, they can also be found in insulation pipes and their favorites include items made with paper.

    Jumping Bristletail

    This species of silverfish is generally silver or grey in color and. They mostly grow larger than 0.5 inches in length. Their favorite places to live are pebbles, stones, decaying leaves, grass etc.

    Four-lined Silverfish

    If we talk about physical appearance, this species of silverfish is relatively longer than the other types. They have 3-4 colored lines on their stomach. They also prefer a damp and moist environment, a mulch of flowerbeds, and the likes. If they invade a house, they prefer areas like backyards, rooftops, and others.


    Bristletail, though kept under the category of silverfish, actually belongs to the insect family. They alone have 300-400 species in the world. Talking about their physical appearance, they have a cylindrical body with no wings. They prefer to make their nest in areas with wood and grass, under rocks, stones as well as decaying leaves.

    Why is Silverfish Control Mandatory?

    • Silverfish, it invades your house can create a mess for all the members living in it.
    • They make their way through the pipelines of the washroom, kitchen basin and can even choke them.
    • Moreover, they may get into your cupboard, and get inside your clothes. This may lead to damage to your precious clothes as well.
    • These silverfishes may also make their way to the food items in your house and make them unhealthy to eat.
    • Further, they may infect household items like water bottles, baby’s milk bottles, fruits kept in open.

    So, if silverfish invade your house, they can create huge damage and make an unhealthy environment to live in, all together.

    DIY Ways to Control Silver Fish Infestation in House

    Following are some easy ways to get rid of silverfish in your house, backyards, etc. They are simple to follow and you can easily do it by yourself:

    • Cover the food

      Try to put all the packed food in airtight containers rather than keeping it open in the kitchen, on floor tops, or dining table. This may increase your work in order to maintain your busy schedule but it is worth doing as it saves your loved ones from unhygienic food.

    • Prevent moisture

      On rainy days, try to keep your house moist-free as this fastens the breeding of silverfish.

    • Traps

      Try to make homemade traps and keep food as bait. This can be done by taking an empty container and wrapping the mouth with masking tape properly. Keep bread as bait. Silverfish in an attempt to eat this food get stuck in the jar or the container.

    • Boric acid can be useful

      Boric acid can be really helpful to kill both silverfish and their eggs. Just sprinkle borax acid, available in powder form in the cupboards, pipelines, fireplaces, etc. Handle the Boric acid with care as inhaling it can be toxic to the lungs. Try to sprinkle at places that are out of the reach of pets and the kids in the house.

    All of the above-mentioned processes can be helpful in the case of a small number of silverfish invading your house. But, if they have invaded in a large number and have created a mess, then it is best to hire a professional pest control team in Adelaide. And, if you are a resident of Adelaide, Real Pest Control is the best option to go with.

    Silverfish Infestation Control Process Adopted by Real Pest Control

    • Whenever a customer makes an appointment with us, the first thing we do is, send two of our pest control experts to the site to observe how much damage has been done.
    • On the second day, a team of professionals goes to the site and starts the work. It starts with keeping traps at various places which are least affected.
    • For the areas which are most infected, we use organic chemical sprays to kill the silverfish. This is done to ensure that there is no future invasion. We leave the site like that for about 2-3 hours.
    • After, 2-3 hours, we collect all the traps and wipe the dead silver from the places with the help of chemicals.
    • Further, we clean the floors and infected areas with sanitizer as a final step. This prevents future invasion of the silverfish in your house.

    Silverfish Control Adelaide: Why Hire Real Pest Control

    • We provide trustable pest control services. The work we do is undoubtedly the best and unparallel in entire Adelaide.
    • The chemicals and techniques we use to control the silverfish infestation are completely organic and non-toxic as well.
    • Also, we have highly expert, licensed and certified pest control experts. at highly skilled and well trained in their work.
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