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Are you scared about the major rodent infestation at home? Are you scared these rats can bring germs and diseases into the house? If yes, you are at the right place. Real Pest Control is a leading rodent pest control company in Adelaide. Our certified and licensed pest control experts offer efficient and professional rodent control services to get rid of these disease-carrying rodents. Along with dealing with rodents, we also help you fight against ants, spiders, and cockroaches. Let us find out in detail!

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Rodent Control Adelaide

Rodent Control Adelaide: Types of Rodents That Invade Our Homes

There are 5 major rodents that invade our homes. These include the house mouse, the deer mouse, field mouse, wood mouse and the roof rat. Let us look into each of these in detail.

House Mouse

This is the most common kind of mouse in domestic households. The best part about these rodents is that they can adjust their size to fit into any space, including holes as small as a 1/4th inch. The house mouse is especially skilled in hearing the lightest of sounds, smell and touches. They are also backed by a great vision.

Deer Mouse

The deer mouse is most popularly found in storage bins where it can feed on grains, seeds, fruits, and the likes. They carry the Hantavirus which can cause multiple deaths in any given area.

Yellow-Necked Field Mouse

One would find the yellow-necked field mouse mostly in rural areas, invading private property. Since they chew on everything including electric wires, they can pose a fire risk at home!

Wood Mouse

As the name suggests, the wood mice are found in the woods, grasslands, forested areas and the likes. Since they are known to feed on crops and grains, they can prove to be a hazard for the flora of the place.

Roof Rat

Roof rats occupy domestic properties and take shelter in roofs, attics, holes and the likes. They tend to go wherever there is food and are gnawing on electric wires.

Why Do You Need Rodent Pest Control in Adelaide?

Rodent control is one of the biggest necessities in any household in Adelaide. Actually, the need extends to commercial properties, industries, cultivated lands, and the likes. Here are some of the key reasons that make rodent control mandatory in Adelaide.

Keep Diseases out of the House

Rodents bring a number of deadly allergies and viruses into the house. So, you should get rid of them as early as possible. The diseases can be easily transmitted to the members of the house that makes the living conditions harmful to both you and your family.

Risks of Accidents at home

When typical rats are roaming around the house, you are always at risk of an accident. For instance, some rodents gnaw on the electric wiring at home causing an outage. This can also lead to a fire accident in the worst conditions!

Food Contamination

Since rodents feed on anything they find lying around, you run a risk of food contamination at home. This does make the living conditions pretty unhygienic. Rodents can bring viruses, infections, and chances of accidents into the house. This is why it is best to resort to professional rodent control services in Adelaide.

Reasons for Rodent Infestation

One likely cause for a rodent infestation can be an issue of inadequate hygiene. Simultaneously fitness matters and separate quandaries, faulty cleanliness can lead to a condition where rodents and rats have straightforward entrance to food and water roots, urging them to walk in and build a den inside your house.

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    Rodent Control Adelaide: DIY Ways to Control Rodents at Home

    It is ideal to take professional rodent control services to get rid of rats from home. But here are some tips and ideas that could help us protect our house from the rats.

    • Trim the bushes, shrubs, plants at home or in the garden which could be potential places for a rodent attack. The more we can cut off areas for their shelter, the higher are our chances to protect our property from rodents.
    • Additionally, doors and windows are a great medium for entry for rodents. If your door or window has a crack, a hole, or an opening, it is best to repair them at the earliest. Screen or window meshes could work well in this regard as well.
    • Seal the cracks on the exterior of your house immediately. This could include water pipes, electric or cable wiring, copper mesh openings and the likes.
    • Rodents tend to thrive in unclean places the most. Thus clean every part of your property, including the house and exterior areas. Clean patios and yards of litter and avoid standing water to avoid rodents. Keep your house clean at all times!

    Threats Posed by Rodent Infestation

    As their first fangs originate all their time’s mice, gnaw on objects to retain them diminished down. It could be vulnerable when they chew on electrical cables. Rodents can transmit several infections that are detrimental to humans.

    Our Rodent Control Process

    Real Pest Control follows a long and detailed rodent control process in Adelaide. Here is how we go about our work:

    • Step 1

      Firstly, we will ask you a few questions to understand the problem and services required. This would include investigating the property for rodent attacks as well. We will also find out how long the house has been infested.

    • Step 2

      Once we get all the info, we move on to the clearing process. We will remove all the moveable objects from the area that needs treatment.

    • Step 3

      Next up, we work on decontaminating and killing the rodents. There are two ways to do this. Also, we can set up special rattraps around the house. Also, specific corners of the house would suit the purpose as well. Or, we could also use rat poison to kill the rodents completely.

    • Step 4

      This is the most crucial step in our services. Just killing the rats at home is not enough. When you hire us for rodent control in Adelaide, we will provide a more long-term solution. We will rat-proof the house, by identifying its entry and exit points. This ensures that we solve the rodent issue permanently from your house and not just for this treatment session.

    • Step 5

      Further, we undertake a thorough survey of the property to ensure that we are not leaving any section out!

    Rodent Control Adelaide: Why Hire Us?

    • We come packed with a team of experienced and licensed pest control experts who know how to get rid of rodents from any place.
    • Further, we provide permanent solutions such that once you have got rid of rodents, they do not come back to the property.
    • Also, we provide guaranteed services for all rodent control operations in Adelaide.
    • Our services are available at rather reasonable prices!
    • Additionally, we adopt eco-friendly methods to control rodents at your home.
    • Moreover, we provide same-day and emergency services.

    Thus, wait no more, and get rid of rodents from your home by hiring expert pest control services in Adelaide.

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    Would you remove the dead rats from my house?

    Yes, without a doubt. In addition to dead rodent removal, we also provide sanitization of the area where the pest was removed. As a result, the spread of germs and diseases is virtually eliminated. Contact our Rodent Control Adelaide team right away if you need help removing a dead rodent.

    Is there a variety of ways to get rid of rats, or are they all the same?

    Our team for Rodent control in Adelaide employs a variety of techniques, including traps and modern and traditional baits. We also use a chemical treatment, which is environmentally friendly.

    At what time on Sunday can you provide me with a rodent control service?

    We are available for bookings 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Rodent and other pest control services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can book us at any time.