Real Pest Control has always been great and I'm more impressed now than ever with the clear communication from their team, the technology that they employ to map out our property and track our service and their response to 'extraordinary' requests. I trust them and would refer them to any of my friends and family without a question.
- Dean Geyer

High professional

We have utilized the services of Real Pest Control & have been impressed with their service both times. The employees attending our property have been lovely & done a top job. They turned up at a time & I could still get to work on time. I can easily recommend to others & will continue to use their services.
- Cate Blanchett

Affordable services

Real Pest Control provided an extremely detailed and useful report quickly and for a very reasonable price. the team was flexible with timing and worked with the real estate to organize the inspection straight away. I will definitely be calling them to provide pest control on my property in the future.
- Tessa James

”Great Job”

If you are looking for a good pest control service in Melbourne then get in touch with the best company i.e, Real Pest Control Company. They are known for various services like rodent control, spider control, cockroach control and so on. They are also renowned for their quick response and quick service.
- John

"Top-notch Service"

We get absolutely great and top-notch carpet cleaning services from them. At a very affordable price. And we definitely recommend to all of you.
- Mitchel

Helpful Services

I want to know that where I can get cheap pest control services, actually I have also a pest control unit in my Real Pest Control so I want to know that how we can serve best services to our customers…it was very helpful to me by reading this I applied it in near future. thank you so much it very helps me.
- Jesse Spencer

Great and efficiency service

There was a problem with termites and rats in my house. then I called Real Pest Control. After calling them, they sent an expert over within 2hours. Provided a great and efficient service. and the service was very fast. and superb result within a certain hour. superb job.
- Luke lauren

Pre Purchase Pest Inspection

We called Real Pest Control to perform a pre-purchase inspection on a house that we were planning to buy. Apart from being professional, friendly, and thorough, they also made sure to leave the house quickly leaving just their verdict. Thankfully as per their advice, the house is still in a great condition.
- Caro Baker

High-end Services

Extremely thankful to the amazing staff at Real Pest Control to help rid my rented home of spiders! They handled the whole process really well I recommend them for their extreme professionalism!
- Sid

Best Rat Control Service

I have rat problem in my house and they are living in my cupboard. They spoiled few of my clothes and I never saw the rats previous, so I was very irritated from this problem. Then someone refers me to call Real Pest Control and managed to obtain a meeting for Friday. When the team member from Real Pest Control Company came then firstly he blocked an opening where the rats were getting inside then I thought that they call it proofing and he put two dissimilar types of toxic down, they were able to get rid of that horrible smell. I will absolutely advise this company because the whole thing they used worked and they were not too costly.
- Honos Teen

Outstanding service

Rendering best service has remained their priority and they have been committed towards customers expectations
- Parvesh taneja

Melbourne’s Best Pest Control

Will not go to anyone else! I was so happy with their pest control treatment and their guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction that I would like to recommend their name to everyone in Melbourne. Thankfully I do not have to see any creepy alive creatures inside my home anymore. Thanks for a great job!
- June López

Real Pest Control is best Compnay

One night I discovered that my mattress was trapped with bed bugs then at that time I would first contact to the Real Pest Control and it is my experience with them so I was reassured that I had found the best company for the bed bugs service. The staff of this company is very helpful and also helpful to manage the entire situation. Additionally they are so tolerant with all my questions! The team members that came were licensed, qualified and highly experienced in this field. In future, I highly recommend this company. Thanks again Real Pest Control whole team.
- Ekam Arora

Best Treatment

I was troubled with small termites in my house. I was very scared of those insects. I noticed they where multiplying day by day, they destroy my bed and other important furniture’s. I tried to control them myself but I totally failed. Finally, I had contacted Real Pest Control by reference to my brother. They did chemical spray and other treatment in my house, after that I did not see any termite in my house.
- Rupert Murdoch

”Professionals Pest Control Service”

I find there are loads of benefits of hiring a professional pest controller rather than DIYs. We were so frustrated with cockroaches roaming all around our place. They made my home cockroaches free and that too in such a short time span. Thank you, guys. Taking the assistance of Real Pest Control you will get a great relief from a serious infestation in no time.”
- Thomas

Latest Equipment for Pest Control

The use of the equipment in the pest control treatment was the major thing about which I was worried about most, as I concerned about the damage of my house. The professional of Real Pest Control used all the latest equipment for the elimination of the pest from my house completely.
- Riley Erin

Natural Pest control Service

I am 100% satisfied with the results. Our technician has gone above and beyond to help with our problem. I called him soon after he left with increased sightings of larger pests. He recognizes my fear of them, and was over within 24 hours to make sure the problem wasn't worse than at first thought. He went out of his way to be sure I was relaxed and happy with the services. He is very educational, as I followed him around and asked all sorts of query and offering me with information even without asking. I couldn't have asked for a better knowledge, thank you Masters Pest Control team!
- Alvina

Safe Solutions for Pest Control

Masters Pest Control is an awesome, local company. He's always ready to respond to texts or calls and he's very thorough, helpful, and friendly! We tried another pest control company and were motionless having problems with big-headed ants. Masters Pest Control team has been extremely helpful and continues to be our go-to. Excellent Customer Service and Remarkable Professionalism established by everyone. I am so joyful that I chose this company over the others. Thank you
- Mack Stevan

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