Pest Control South Plympton

Call Your Professional Pest Controllers In South Plympton 

If you do not wish to get in trouble due to pests, then do appoint Real Pest Control for a timely inspection service of your property. Our trained Pest Control South Plympton team will thoroughly inspect every side of your property to search out the creepy crawlies. Our complete pest control services can save you and your property from serious damage. Furthermore, our pest removal experts offer a hassle-free and safe service.

 We are one of the most genuine and affordable pest control companies in South Plympton. Our treatments will cost you much less than what you may have to spend on property damage repairs. So, if you are searching for reliable pest control near me, call us right away! We take the same day and emergency pest control bookings at 08 7184 4667

Check What We Do To Make Your Place Pest Free

Our pest control South Plympton team provides you with a variety of pest control and protection services. Whether you require cockroach control, wasp and bee removal, possum control, spider extermination or spraying for mosquitoes, our superior pest control method can help you! Check out our trusted pest management process now. 

  • Inspection of the area: we have professionals for inspecting and detecting pests at your place. During the inspection, we search for signs of pests, their damage as well as the main source of the issue. 
  • Remove the cause of infestation: On knowing the source of a particular pest problem, we block it, remove it and sanitize it thoroughly. 
  • Fumigation Or Fogging: For some pest spraying solutions works best and gives immediate results. This is why we make use of fogging and fumigant sprays in cases of extreme nesting and emergencies. 
  • Pesticides spray: You can rest assured that all of our pesticide and insecticide sprays are non-toxic, safe and neutral. 
  • Baits and repellents set up and monitoring: If the clients do not wish for a chemical spray or fumigants use, we provide baits, repellents and trapping methods for them. (especially preferred for possums, rats and birds)
  • Dead pest removal: We are your local support for dead pest removal services. Whenever you spot any dead pest or pests- we are only a call away.

We hope you have a clear idea of how our pest management works. Although, there can be a few alterations based on specific client needs. 

Variety of locations, premises and properties In South Plympton where we deliver our marvellous services

Hiring our local pest treatment services to remove any pests can be your foremost choice. Our local pest controllers in South Plympton provide a variety of pest inspections and removals in vast locations of the suburb. Irrespective of whatsoever pest control you require, contact us and we will supportively arrange a booking for you. Check out our service area in South Plympton below: 

  • Residential Societies, private apartments and homes
  • Commercial Spaces- offices, departmental stores and shopping malls
  • Eating points, Restaurants, cafes as well as Hotels
  • Big Hospitals to small clinics 
  • Child and pet Healthcare Centres
  • Small to large scale manufacturing industries
  • Primary to Secondary Schools, Institutions, and Colleges

Even if your desired location isn’t mentioned here, we can still guide you. Just share with us your Pest prevention needs and premise address and get the same day service ready!

Which specialities do we have as a pest control company in South Plympton? 

Our pest control South Plympton team is here to help you 24 by 7 overcall. We have gained popularity and reputation as a commercial and residential pest control company in South Plympton mainly because of our service charges and friendly nature. To know more about our unique offerings check below: 

  • Emergency and same day pest control: Our prime motive is to provide clients with same day pest treatments. Moreover, if you are stuck in any sort of pest hazard that needs immediate support, call us anyway. We are also helping South Plympton clients with emergency pest controls that are not only adorable but also long-lasting. 
  • End of lease pest control service: In most cases, our clients require end of the lease pest controls services done. It may be your responsibility too as a renter. So, we want you to avail our end of lease pest control services that are genuinely priced, quick to book and are hassle-free. Also, we give you a detailed report based on the inspection and treatment! 
  • Pre-purchase pest inspection and control: Being smart at purchasing a new property in South Plympton can benefit you in many ways. You can simply appoint us as your pre-purchase pest control inspectors. We first analyze the property, search for pest and pest damage and control them. Moreover, it will help you in finalizing the decision of buying. 
  • Large area pest infestation treatment: We have trained our pest treatment experts to perform large scale pest treatment services. Certain pests like termites, ants, cockroaches multiply in a small span of time and make the situation uncontrollable for you. So, in such cases, you can rely on us! Also, our cost of pest inspection & control services are low. 
  • Eco-friendly pest treatment for all pests: We take much pleasure in offering safe and organic pest control in Adelaide. Our pest controllers encourage the least use of chemical-based pesticides. Moreover, all the baiting and repellents that we put into use are safe to apply around children. You can attain peace of mind with a secure and immediate result by giving pest treatments. 

Benefits You Get On Scheduling A Pest Control South Plympton Appointment With Us 

We can wipe the pest activity out of your place in no time. With years of pest control and removal experience, Real Pest Control is offering a lot of benefits to customers. Below are a few of the unique features that set us apart in the pest management industry. 

  • Updated and advanced methods: Our pest control experts part services by using high-tech equipment, baits and procedures. 
  • Safe methods: Whether you call us for office, restaurant or home pest control, you will surely get safe and organic pest control.
  • Local experts: Our local pest control staff takes booking round the clock and delivers fast, same day and emergency services. 
  • Open On Holidays: You can even book us on holidays, weekends. We are your flexible pest controllers in South Plympton. 
  • Best team: We have the most popular team of professional pest removalists in South Plympton. We listen, we control and offer impressive results. 


Q. Can I schedule you for commercial pest control on weekends in South Plympton? 

Yes, undoubtedly. We are 24 hours open for bookings and provide services 7 days a week in South Plympton. This makes you book us on your comfortable date and timing. 

Q. How much will it cost to get a pest control service? 

The pest control charges vary depending on the kind of pest problem you may have. As well as the level of pest issue varies the price. Many pest treatment companies offer standard pricing. But, we offer customised service and explain to you why we ask the amount clearly before beginning the control. 

Q. What type of treatment do you use for removing bees? 

We usually make use of fumigation for bees. By doing so, the bees get unconscious and we trap them. Later on, we relocate them to a local bee collector without harming them in any way.