Pest Control Payneham South

For effective pest inspection, control & removal services Payneham South-wide

Cannot stand pest activities in your home or office? Want to control them in a safe manner? Are you wanting to book a complete pest control provider? If so, reach out to Real Pest Control for a safe and trustworthy pest treatment service. We have a professional team of Pest Control Payneham South experts who have immense knowledge and skills in carrying out commercial and home pest control services. 

A pest nesting may put your property as well as your health at risk. So, the better option is to call us for regular inspections for pests. It is necessary to address the issue quickly as well as opt for effective pest removal measures. We not only focus on current pest control but also offer future pest prevention tips. For rapid response service, call us on 08 7184 4667 any time. 

What do we do in our pest control treatments? 

Our pest control Payneham South team focuses on delivering superior quality services. With our vast experience and safe products, we have successfully treated hundreds of Payneham South properties. Have a look at our impressive result giving pest control process below: 

  • Inspection of the area: To achieve a pest-free property, inspection of the area is a must thing to do. So, we start our service by performing a detailed pest inspection. 
  • Remove the source of infestation: food crumbs, holes and cracks are often the pest nesting source. So, we remove them, clean and seal them up. 
  • Fumigation Or Fogging: You can choose between effective fumigation or reliable fogging treatment. Both sprayings give desirable results. 
  • Pesticides spray: You need not worry about your items and pets as we use safe and natural pesticide sprays only. 
  • Baits and repellents use: We do have no-pesticide use treatments too. In such controls, we make use of baiting, trapping and repellants.
  • Dead pest removal: If you just encountered a dead pest or number of pests, we can assist you with the safe removal of the dead pests. We ensure using full safety kits while doing dead pest removal in Adelaide

Properties and premises Of Payneham South where you can book us for pest treatment services

We are the local pest control company with which you can have your trust. Yes, being one of the oldest pest control companies in Payneham South, we assure you that you live happily in a place free from pests. This is why we have extended our service locations to: 

  • Private places like-Homes, apartments And Residential colonies
  • Commercial Places like- offices, workplaces and conference halls
  • Eating points like- Restaurants, cafes, And Hotels 
  • Shops, Malls, complexes and stores
  • Healthcare properties like- Hospitals And Clinics 
  • Kid-safe pest controls in Child Healthcare Centres
  • Manufacturing Units like- Industries and warehouses
  • Educational institutions like- Schools, All-Academic Institutions and Colleges

Just in case, your desired service location is not listed above, we still can help you. You only have to call us on our toll-free number and we will try our best to arrange a service for you!

Special Features That Makes Us The Leading Pest Control Payneham South Company 

Not just one or two, but we are famous in Payneham South because of our several and unique pest and insect control services. So, you can have a quick look at our service variety and book the one that best suits your needs. Also, all of our treatments are only delivered by professional and licensed pest controllers only. 

  • Emergency and same day pest control: It may be challenging for you to control a pest or insect emergency. Therefore, we as an emergency pest control provider are actively present to help you. You can call us for any type of pest control emergency. Be it emergency bee removal, rat control or bed bug elimination, we will give you a rapid and affordable service. 
  • End of lease pest control: We have experts in the field of end of lease pest control services, You can employ any of our professional pest control Payneham South experts any time. Additionally, we finish the treatment in less time and share a detailed report with you! 
  • Pre-purchase pest inspection and control: If you are interested in inputting a quick inspection & control for the going to be property, we are waiting to hear from you. Our pest inspectors are talented enough to guide you to the right and pest-free home. Moreover, we charge an inexpensive cost of pest inspection & controls
  • Large area pest infestation treatment: Are you wishing to get organic pest control done on a large scale? Do you have a tight budget? If so, we are always active to help. Our experts have proven experience in doing large scale home and commercial pest control services. So, feel free to share your needs and get a large scale pest control plan ready at an affordable price. 
  • Eco-friendly pest treatment for all pests: Whether you need us for Pest prevention or control, we make sure you get it done in the safest manner possible. For spiders, rodents, termites and possums, etc- we make use of baiting, trapping and fogging techniques that neither harm you, your property or pests to great extent. Book us for eco-saving pest control any day! 

We Are Fully Prepared To Inspect and Stop All Pest and Insect Issues| Beneficial Reasons To Hire Us! 

Through many years of dedicated and finest-quality pest controls, we have earned a solid reputation and customer’s confidence. Moreover, to ensure detailed pest treatment with zero damage and side effects, we choose the best solutions that give immediate results. At Real Pest Control, we offer you a few compelling points to call our trusted pest management services: 

  • Local experts: We have licensed and certified pest controllers that are local and have proven talents in offering quick services. 
  • Affordable service: You receive double the benefit of high-end service by spending a little on pest control prices. 
  • Best team: We consider our team the best in Payneham South, mainly because of our commitment, strong teamwork, friendly nature and excellent problem-solving skills. 
  • Modern methods: We keep ourselves updated with modern pest control methods that are time and cost-saving. 
  • 24 Hours Booking: We take 24 by 7 bookings. As well as delivers you the pest control within the same day of the confirmed appointments. 


Q. Do I need to move my bed and sofa for pest control? 

Yes, you can but it is not a compulsion. If you are moving furniture before the exterminators arrive, you can help in making the pest control treatment quick. Moreover, you must remove all the fragile items like- crockery, glass pieces to ensure minimal or no damage. 

Q. What pests and insects do you offer control and removal services in Payneham South? 

Our qualified pest control specialists are trained in removing and controlling all types of pests in Payneham South. We offer control services to termites, spiders, fleas, flies, silverfish, bugs, ticks, moths, borers, ants and cockroaches, rodents etc. For specific endangered species like possums as well as bees and birds, we offer safe pest removals and relocations. 

Q. Can I mop the floor post pest control service? 

No, you must not immediately mop the floors. This may lead to lowering the effect of the treatment done. However, you can sweep and mop the floors post 3 to 6 hours of pest control.