Pest Control Kensington Park

Elite and Professional Pest Inspection and Control Services In Kensington Park 

Unfortunately, Kensington Park is quite attractive for pests. You may notice termites, borers, moths, rodents and flies a lot in this suburb. This is why Real Pest Control has come up with amalgamated pest control technology to resolve all your pest problems in one go. We are proud of our Pest Control Kensington Park team for perfect solutions. 

By teaming up with Kensington Park’s best pest exterminators, we take pride in our on-time and committed services. All the products, baits, traps and sprays we use are totally safe, neutral and environmentally friendly. So, let us end your search here for pest control near me. Schedule a same day or emergency pest control booking at 08 7184 4667

What Process Do We Follow For Pest Control Kensington Park Services? 

Real Pest Control follows a comprehensive pest inspection and control process. We clearly discuss our procedures with you for a better understanding of the pest issue and control program. To know about our complete pest control process, read below: 

  • Inspection of the area: Your property may look immaculate, but you never know what’s going on inside, in holes and crevices. Therefore, we conduct a corner to corner inspection for pests first. 
  • Eliminate the source of infestation: Next step is to remove the detected source of pest nesting. We understand the reason behind pest infestation and remove it completely. 
  • Fumigation Or Fogging: We have been serving clients with reliable fumigation and fogging processes. Whereby, we use sprays and fog for killing pests. 
  • Pesticides spray: You can have peace of mind as we are using only products and pest control sprays that are non-toxic, safe to use and give good results. 
  • Baits and repellents may be used: We may use repellents and baits for a few notorious pests like- birds, rats, mice and possums. We catch and relocate them humanely.
  • Dead pest removal service: In some cases, we get calls from clients regarding dead pest removal. So, if you are also facing any dead pests on your property, feel free to call us! 

Several Properties and Premises in Kensington Park where you can book us for pest control services 

Whenever anyone moves or buys a new property, he/she wants to live comfortably, especially pest free. So, Real Pest Control takes the responsibility to let you live in a place free from pest nuisances. Now, our pest control Kensington Park services are available in several locations like: 

  • Private Properties like- apartments, Residential Societies and houses
  • Commercial Properties in Kensington Park
  • Hotels, Cafes, Eateries and Restaurants 
  • Small shopping stores to huge Malls 
  • Multi-story Hospitals And single-story Clinics 
  • Child Healthcare Centres
  • Labour intensive and manufacturing industries
  • Schools, Tuitions, colleges as well as All-Academic Institutions

Is your desirable premise mentioned above? If yes, do call us for a free consultation and advanced pest control. 

What Is So Special About Our Pest Treatment Company In Kensington Park?

Being a leading pest management company in Kensington Park, we consider it as our responsibility to cater for you with multiple services. Unlike other pest control companies in Kensington Park, we offer customizable service options too. Below we have listed some of our forever trending services: 

  • Emergency and same day pest control: If you are in search of quick bee removal or pest control for rats, we can be quick to support you. Our company runs affordable emergency pest control treatments in Kensington Park. Active 24 by 7 for bookings and short-notice services. 
  • End of lease pest control: You can share your pest control needs before a few days of the move out of your rental place. And, we will show up with the best end of lease pest control plan ever. Our company delivers end of lease home pest control on the same day of appointments. Get a chance to be served by professional pest controllers that offer a detailed report on control done. 
  • Pre-purchase pest inspection and control: If you are planning to purchase or invest in a new home, office space or any property in Kensington Park, do consider us for inspection and pest removal in Adelaide. Our inspectors and pest exterminators are fully trained and well equipped to offer you friendly and accurate service. Also, we may save you from investing in a pest-infested and damaged property. So, pre-purchase pest inspection and removal is always a win-win situation for you! 
  • Large area pest infestation treatment: You can share your large to small scale pest or insect control requirements, and we will fulfil them for you. Our company is a reliable choice for large scale spraying for mosquitoes, bees, termites and much more. Furthermore, we aim to provide outstanding service within a shorter period of time. So, act smart and call us for cost and time-effective pest control today. 
  • Eco-friendly pest treatment for all pests: Irrespective of which place you call us, be it commercial or residential pest control, we always ensure you a safe service. The chemicals we use, the baits we apply and the traps we install are all safe. Furthermore, we promote organic pest control procedures, wherever applicable. Also, our pest treatments are pet and child safe. 

We’re qualified to inspect, locate, control & remove all pests and other important reasons for calling us

Real Pest Control has a unique team of pest controllers for a variety of services. Being the top-most rated pest treatment provider in Kensington Park, we make sure our clients stay satisfied with our service and benefits. 

Know more about the advantages of contacting us for pest control services:

  • Professional and supportive: We are a team of professional pest management specialists who know all about pest behaviours and ways to control them, humanely.
  • Pocket-friendly service: We can be your most economical and bidet-friendly choice for pest inspection and controls in Kensington Park. 
  • Best team: Our pest control experts are trained, insured, committed and perform services with great teamwork. 
  • Modern methods: Our services give reliable results as we use updated technology and pesticides only. 
  • Safe methods: We have been using safe and genuine pest control methods only. So, be ready to receive damage and mess-free pest control!


Q. I am observing a lot of white ants around my chair legs. Can you help me remove them? 

Yes, white ants are wood-eating termites. If your chair has termites, we can assist you with an elite termite control service. We have the best working pesticides and repellents to keep termites away from your property. 

Q. How much does it cost for an ant control service? 

The ant control service varies with the level of infestation, number of ants and your property area. For an average estimate, you can call us directly on our toll-free number, share your information and we will give you a free estimate. 

Q. Do you offer same-day bed bug control services for hotels in Kensington Park?

Yes, we offer hotel bed bug control services in Kensington Park. Since we work on a same day service basis, you will surely receive a bedbug-free property within the same day of calling us!