How to Trap Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are the most irritating insects and it is very hard to get rid of them once they step inside your home. If you think of smashing one by one really it is an impossible task. You must handle the job brilliantly without making your hands dirty.

Duct tape trap

The principle of following this strategy is very easy, all you need is bait. This will pull the cockroaches towards it and the paste will make the cockroaches stay there until you remove it. It is very difficult to move the trap once you set it. This is a very simple trick and yields the best result with less effort.  The glue-based traps are easily available online and in nearby stores, if you prefer to buy them instead of making your own.

Buy a duct tape roll

When you decide to buy a duct tape roll, make sure it is clean and sticky otherwise the cockroaches will easily escape from the trap. When you decide to use an alternative to duct tape, it should be powerful and adhesive. The trap must hold the cockroaches tightly until you through them out.

Choose your bait

Use sweet or oil as a bait to trap cockroaches because these will work effectively and the most common choice is onion. Use a small banana peel or any sweet or you can even use bread. When you notice cockroaches attracted to any of the above food items, use those items as a trap to eliminate cockroaches.

Bait to Trap Cockroaches

Bait to Trap Cockroaches

If you want to kill the cockroaches completely buy the gel baits that poison the cockroaches. However these are not really a great idea to kill cockroaches and not too effective as advertised, just calls the local pest controllers to get rid of cockroaches permanently.

Use an only a small amount of bait, if you spill the bait at the tape edges the cockroaches will get stuck themselves at the edges.

Set the bait

After selecting the bait, place it in the sticky tape properly (in the middle) to make sure the bait is stable and does not fall over from the tape.

It is time to set the trap

Now place the tape in the area where you find lots of cockroaches may in the kitchen, dark corners near washbasin or washroom. Keep in mind that once all the cockroaches are trapped you must decide whether to remove or dispose of them. Place the trap in the highest place such as the top of the kitchen cabinets or on the fridge.


Cockroach Bait Pest Control Solutions Melbourne

Cockroach Bait Pest Control Solutions Melbourne

Darkness is the most favorite place of the cockroaches as they love to do all the foraging things at night. Leave the tape overnight, do not shake or disturb it till sunshine. When all the cockroaches are trapped dispose of them as it is or release them humanely.  If you decide to release the cockroaches pick the duct tape at least 100 feet away from your home and shake well and throw off the tape.