How To Remove Dead Possums?

The lifespan of possums is 1-2 years is usual. And if they are kept under captivity it becomes 3-4 years. Thus, with short life expectancy, they can be difficult to have around. Possums are kept as pests and some possums are considered pests. In both cases, you will come across a day where you will be considering handling a dead possum. Firstly, the initial sign of a dead possum is the rotten smell. Usually, possums die in wall cavities and other dark places. Secondly, if you notice a huge amount of flies circling around a particular place, then there must be a dead possum around.

Remove Dead Possums in Adelaide

The common reasons behind the death of possums would be – aging, accidents, eating rat kills and other pest traps and being attacked by other animals like dogs. Hence, here are some tips you can follow to discard a dead possum from your home.

Easy Ways to Remove Dead Possums Safely From Your Premise

Firstly, you have to make sure the possum is completely dead. As possums have a tendency of pretending to be dead when in danger. Therefore, it is advised to wait for 3-4 hours after spotting a dead possum. Secondly, check the pouch of the possums. They keep their young ones inside the pouch just like kangaroos. Once confirmed, you can proceed with any of the tips given below.

  • Firstly, get a pair of gloves, plastic or rubber, which are clean and sanitized. This will prevent direct contact with the possum. As any dead animal is a home for deadly diseases. Secondly, grab a clean plastic garbage bag to put in the possum. Now, carefully put the dead possum inside the garbage bag. Ensure to use your gloves.
  • Place the garbage bag in any kind of box. Therefore, seal the box properly. We do this step to ensure no animals or scavengers prey on this dead possum. And lastly, just discard the box into the trash.
  • If this possum was dear to you just like a pet. You might also consider burying it. This is the most natural and safest way to discard any dead animal.
  • If you are scared or skeptical about doing it alone then you might ask for professional help. Contact your local pest control service. Or any garbage collector. They will discard the carcass in the best way.
  • Do not throw the possum away openly in the surrounding area. This is not at all advised. A dead carcass will attract scavengers. This will create a problem for nearby residents. And moreover, a dead possum will have the tendency to infect others with deadly diseases and infections.

Rely on us for the Easiest Dead Possum Removal Services near You

Removal of a dead animal is a complicated job. Hence, our professional team will make it a hassle-free job for you. Dead possums can be anywhere in your home. Mainly found in the attic, basement, small cracks and holes, inside the ductwork, under the bathtub, between the chimneys and under the insulation. Hence, disposing of them on your own can be tricky. Additionally, considering the health risks it is not advised to do it on your own. Hire professional pest control services to get rid of them With safe & natural pest removal treatment.

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