How to Protect Your Home From Termites

Termites are tiny little insects, which live in groups. They can cause huge destruction exactly opposite to their size. It’s very difficult to deal with termites and if you ignored their existence in your house. They can soon turn your wooden furniture into ash. Proper attention is required to deal with them. Mostly, the termites make their colonies in your house where there is moisture and wood is available to eat. Termites break down the cellulose fibre present in the wood. If you are a bibliophile and has a library in your basement, you need special skills to spy on termites. Because, they can live silently in your house, without leaving any signs.

Steps to deal with termites crisis

  1. Confirm the existence of termites in your house:-

    Look for signs of termites, probe every wooden material in your house. Walls, furniture, bookshelves and wardrobe. There’s a higher probability that you’ll find the termites in these places. Once you’re sure that termites have invested in your home, find out which type of termites are there and start taking actions.

    Termites Pest Control

    Termites Pest Control

  2. Target the area, where termites are inhabited:-

    The termites had made their way into your home from somewhere. Which means your home is prone to termites. Remove all the cellulose-based debris from your house or basement. These might be the nest of termites.

  3. Eliminate Termites:-

    Put the furniture in sunlight, in 2 to 3 days the sunlight will kill the whole race of termites from your furniture. Expose any woody material into the sunlight if you can or use boric acid. Boric acid will kill the termites, it’s also used to control the termites. There are other products available in the market as well, which can be used as an alternative to killing termites. However, seeking professional pest control help might prove really helpful. The professionals will remove all the termites from your house.

Once your house is termite-free start prevention measures

Termites Pest Control Services

Termites Pest Control Services

Seal any open cracks in your houses, where termites can invest again. Use pes repellent solution on wooden furniture and wardrobes. Keep your home dry and clean. Also, every year get termite inspection by professionals.

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