How Professionals Fight Against Spider Infestation?

There are more than 10,000 species of spiders that inhabit our houses and become permanent members. Spiders enter inside our houses generally in search of prey through open windows or in boxes from outside.

The shape and sizes of each spider vary, some live in burrows while some are web-hanging. All the spiders are predators and feed on the others and it creates a problem if spiders’ infestation is triggered in the house. That’s when we come into the picture. Real Pest Control is a leading pest control company in Adelaide. Along with providing reliable spider control, we also deal with ants’ pest control, rodents’ pest control, fleas’ pest control and silverfish pest control.

Know Spiders Closely

  • These are eight-legged, easily recognizable and are found hanging in their webs, to a surface, wall, or maybe in the dark and the damp places.
  • These have unsightly webs and can collect dust and debris.
  • Spiders cause panic and alarm, particularly around the children. Some of them have very little effect while some of them are very dangerous and cause an exceptional reaction due to their venom.
  • They have a high reproduction rate and evoke more psychological damage than physical.
  • Their presence in the house gives visitors the impression that the space is not clean.

Are you too facing their infestation problem, then go through the below-mentioned signs of their presence and call the professional services of the real pest control.

Giant House Spiders / Cellar Spiders / European Garden Spiders (Spider Control Melbourne)

Giant House Spiders / Cellar Spiders / European Garden Spiders (Spider Control)

How to Identify Spider Infestation at Your Place?

  • Presence of webs is their major indication. The webs can be of different shapes according to the species.
  • Check the damp and dark places of your houses.
  • Insects and other spiders become their prey, so these will mostly be present at these places.
  • You may also check for the presence of their eggs, these are milky white in colour and found in fixed indoors.

DIY Spider Control Tips

Follow the following tips to avoid any spider infestation in your house:

  • Do regular vacuuming of the house especially below the beds, below the worktops, behind the cupboards and large furniture.
  • Clean the webs regularly to avoid any bulk build-up.
  • Remove the sheltering sites, if any, like garden bags, compost piles and clutters.
  • You can also use a handheld It quickly delivers a shock of electricity and kills the spiders in one contact. A bug vacuum simply catches the spiders and you can release them in the open if you do not want to kill them.
  • Maintain hygiene and take care of the sanitation procedures of the house as these tips will always keep these pests away from your home.

Benefits of Spider Treatment

Presence of spiders is an indication of dirt and unevenness in the house. Our professional spider removal methods would help you in the following ways:

  • Professional treatment of the spiders will prevent any infestations to return back.
  • Spider elimination from the house prevents you from being bitten by them as some of the species are very dangerous.
  • The treatment will leave your house clean, tidy and disease-free.
False Widow Spiders / Harvestman / Wolf Spiders (Spider Control)

False Widow Spiders / Harvestman / Wolf Spiders (Spider Control)

Our Spider Control Process

Spiders avoid human contact and thus, it is difficult to uncover their source of the infestation. But the skilled pest control experts of the Real Pest Control will help you out in treating the infestation in the following way:

  • Inspection

    Our pest control experts will search for the primary location of spiders, the point where they are residing and the places they are breeding in your house. After doing the full inspection of the house, they will advise you about the best treatments that you should have to control these pests.

  • Mechanical Treatments

    Our local, certified and licensed pest control experts will help you out by removing the existing webs from various places inside the house. Vacuuming the baseboards, surfaces below the beds and the areas where they harbour their eggs. The treatment lasts for only a stipulated period of time.

  • Sanitation

    In this process, we help our clients in identifying the areas that are rich in moisture and spider food. Advising our clients on the matters of eliminating and reducing these pests from the house is also a part of our treatment process because we believe in our customer’s mental satisfaction.

  • Exclusion

    In this process, we seal the entrance of the spiders; next, we examine the crawl space and provide the necessary treatment. The treatment will be according to the infestation of the house. We have four approaches to the treatment:

  • Spraying

    We do this with the help of sprayers and is a direct method of getting rid of these pests. We use safe and odor-free chemicals that don’t leave any residue after drying.

  • Dusting

    We apply the dust with the help of hand dusters to the places where these pests are active the most.

  • Repellent

    The repellents give a long-lasting result and do a great job of stopping the spiders. These repellents also kill the spiders that are in contact with the web.

  • Trapping/Zapping

    We advise this process where the above methods are not useful, like doors and the garages etc.

Why Should You Hire Real Pest Control?

With our services, you will be assured of complete pest protection. You should hire our services because:

  • We only use specific products for specific species so as to ensure their complete removal.
  • Our solutions used for treatment are customized based on the specificity of your homes.
  • We government approved safe and reliable methods.
  • Our technicians are trained, skilled and will reassure you with the quality of our service.
  • Our control solutions will ensure the complete removal of your pest problems.

We advise removing the individuals and pets from the house during the treatment for safety purposes. On drying the risk of being exposed to the lingering pesticide is removed and the place can be used as before.

For further help and for efficient Spider Control Services, call Real Pest Control Services now!