Hacks To Repel Moths

Be it a wardrobe or pantry, clothes moth can be easily found in most of the homes. Their main target areas involve food storage containers or areas where woolen and fur clothes are in abundance. The most common symptoms of moth infestation are- holes in apparels, dusty appearance on rarely used garments and screens, spongy web-like layers on grills, racks, stinky clothes racks, etc. Once you are pretty sure of the infestation, the first thing that you want to do is get rid of the same as early as possible. 

Moth Control Service
Moth Control Service

Here We have Mentioned Some Natural Ways to Deal With the Problem Without the Use of Smelly Mothballs or Other Toxic Products. Have a Look-


Prepare small sachets filled with dried lavender. You can also make use of lavender essential oil and dip some cotton balls in the same. These balls or sachets can then be placed in drawers, closets, and boxes where off-season clothes are kept. Although the smell of lavender might seem tempting to you, for moths and other insects, it’s highly repellant.


Just like in the case of lavender, small sachets filled with dried peppermint must be prepared. You can also use loose leaves or cotton balls dipped in peppermint oil. Loose leaves can be easily kept among your clothes. Tucking the balls in your closet corners works equally fine as well. Not just moths, mint is also effective in keeping rodents away.


Cedarwood has been in use to repel moths since long. The best way is to go for cedar lined closet that will keep moths at bay. If you aren’t lucky enough to find one, cedar chips or blocks bought from the store can be used for the same. Keep them at places where it’s mostly required and you are good to go. Cedar rings that can be fitted over hangers or drawer liners are some other cedar things that can be used for the purpose.

Cloves, Thyme and Rosemary

These three herbs can be used individually packed in sachets or combined for effective Local Pest Control in Adelaide. Although the smell of these herbs is liked by humans, moths hate it. It is also recommended to replace the sachet contents every six months to retain the fragrance. You can easily find all these herbs at any food store nearby. Make sure to keep these sachets, out of reach of pets and kids, however.

Expert Moth Control
Expert Moth Control

Clothing Storage

While these tips are enough to get rid of moths, you must also take care of how you store your clothes.

Here are a Few Tips in This Regard-

  • All the clothes must be washed and dried properly before you pack them once the season ends. This helps eliminate any larvae that might be present in your clothes. Ironing also helps, especially cotton garments.
  • In case of moth infestation, call Real Pest Control and talk to one of the experts to get rid of moths. 
  • Sealed containers must be used to store clothes- plastic storage, chests suitcases where moths can’t easily reach. Wool coats and suits must be zipped in garment bags. If there are wool socks lying in your sock drawer, make sure to remove them same once the season has ended.
  • Moths are attracted to the dirt. Therefore, it’s necessary to carry out a regular cleaning mechanism using a powerful vacuum cleaner. If you are suspicious of moth larvae on your clothes, keep them in the freezer for 24 hours to kill any active larvae.

Moth Control isn’t rocket science. A little bit of preparation always goes a long way.