Get Rid of Mice in Ceiling

Yes, finding mice in your ceiling is a common issue. Many house owners witnessed the same problem. Mice and rats live in the ceiling. Their existence can be identified by hearing their scurrying noise around at night.

They can very well conceal them inside the walls and the ceiling. They can dwell inside buildings in small cracks and gaps in the wall for a long time. Keep an eye on them. If you can hear the mice noise at night coming from the high up in the ceiling then it is nothing but a Roof Rat. They are also known as black rats.

Get Rid of Mice in Ceiling
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Be Careful to Identify The Mice in Ceiling

The best way to detect your home’s past problem is to hire a Local Pest Control in Adelaide services. They are the qualified person to identify the pest menace. They start their pest control program with the pest inspection program. After knowing about the existence of the pest infestation they deal with the pest issue accordingly.

You as a homemaker should not try the chemical and toxin methods to remove the pest from your premises.

Rather We Suggest a Few Safety Tips Which You Can Follow to Identify The Pest Issue

Mice Droppings:

Keep on watching the rat droppings in ceiling tiles. Definitely, it has a rat infestation if you find mouse droppings over there. Take the matter seriously. Rodent and rats love to live in soiled areas. So keep your premises and roof thoroughly cleaned. While cleaning the rat’s droppings wear a mask and glove. This is for your protection against the deadly Hantavirus existing in their poops.

Crack or Gap On The Wall:

However, the presence of rat dropping is also evidence of a crack or gap in your home. All the gap and holes in the wall should be repaired and sealed very well with cement to prevent the rats and rodents entry.

The Scratching Sound:

Always keep your ear open to observe the scratching sound or mice rats and rodent. It has been seen that they are more active during the time of sunrise and sunset. The usual locations where you can expect such sound include attics, basements, and kitchens.

A Hole On The Floor:

If mice are living on the ceiling and walls of the home they definitely have chewed through the drywall and the floor. You can make out holes in the floor and wall with smooth edges.

Local Pest Control Services
Local Pest Control Services

Employ Us for Safe and Affordable Real Pest Control Services

We Real Pest Control are the best pest control service provider start our Rodent Pest Control Services with inspecting outside your home. We identify all the holes and cracks in the building. As per the level of infestation, we begin our pest control program. Real Pest Control can assure you a pest-free home for sure in a very short time. Call us today and avail our professional Rat control services to get rid of the Roof rat menace.

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Wish You a Safe and Healthy Pest Free Home….!!!