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Flea infestation is a serious problem that must be dealt with in the right way at the right time. Real Pest Control in Adelaide is here to help you deal with a flea infestation. It’s important to detect the flea infestation right away and deal with it, along with adopting preventive measures. If you have pets or livestock, the possibility is high that you might be at a risk of flea infestation. Thus, it is extremely important that you must do a regular inspection when pets are living in your home.

Usually, fleas travel into your homes through the animals and infestation can happen from other infested animals as the fleas can jump quite well.

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    Types Of Fleas That Invade Our Homes In Adelaide

    To speak about the types of fleas, you will be surprised to know that there are at least 2000 types of fleas, and if not all, but a considerable number of types are present in Adelaide. The major flea species include Ctenocephalides felis or cat fleas, Ctenocephalides canis or dog fleas, Echidnophaga gallinacean or stick tight fleas, Pulex irritants or human fleas.

    Both animals and humans suffer badly due to flea infestation. The Below given list shows the most common types of fleas that cause havoc.

    Types of Fleas That Are The Cause of Concern:

    Cat Fleas

    Cat fleas are mainly found on cats but other animals like dogs and might even affect humans. Further, they may lay eggs anywhere in the house especially on carpets.

    Stick Tight Flea

    These are quite dangerous as these fleas infest almost any animal including humans. Also, these fleas stick tightly into the skin by burying their heads and are very difficult to remove. These fleas might cause infections, rashes, and even anemia.

    Dog Fleas

    As the name suggests, these fleas are mainly found on dogs. In Australia, the fleas that cause havoc for dogs are the paralysis fleas, cattle fleas, bush fleas and brown dog fleas.

    Human Flea

    Fleas may also attack human beings and may hide in areas like the armpits or head where there is hair. The best way to combat them is by maintaining good hygiene.

    Rat Fleas

    Rat fleas may attack pet mouse or even humans and other pets.

    Chicken Fleas

    Chicken fleas are found usually near the face and head which can be discovered on closer observation.

    Sand Fleas

    These are unique in look as they appear like tiny shrimps. Mainly these fleas feed on plants but when infested with animals these mites thrive there nonetheless.

    Spring Tail Fleas

    These fleas love to be in damp places. Often known as snow fleas, which belong to the Collembola type of fleas, these can jump almost four feet. Additionally, these fleas usually attack animals that may be suffering from some infection.

    Flea Control Adelaide: Signs of Flea Infestation in the home.

    They are characterized as hopping insects. Fleas have the strength to suck out the lifeblood from animals and from few raptors as well. Fleas can hop over your pet’s fur from other pets or from accumulated debris or garden outdoor. While the fleas propagate, extra fleas can penetrate your residence. They contrive to hide in bedsheets, furniture, and floor cracks.

    Why is Flea Control Mandatory?

    Flea control and prevention are mandatory as both animals and humans suffer in various ways. Fleas are unhealthy and a source of discomfort. Further, flea infestation may often lead to rashes, infections, blood loss, allergies and even causing bacterial growth.

    Unless flea infestation is controlled, it may go out of hand. It’s also necessary to take preventive steps to avoid flea infestation.

    • The main reason to control fleas is to give relief to your pets. Your pets can’t speak for themselves and may fall prey to various diseases and discomforts. It’s the duty and responsibility of the pet owner to prevent and control any kind of flea infestation on the pets.
    • Another reason to free your pets from fleas is to avoid the dangerous consequences of eating the fleas by your pets. To get relief, the pets often resort to eating the fleas which cause a cystic form of tapeworms. Thus, this is very risky and therefore the pets must get relief soon.
    • It’s also important to do flea control as they can even impact humans. Any kind of flea infestation causes a risk of getting infestation on humans as well.

    Real Pest Control is a leading pest control company in Adelaide. Further, we have an expert team of local, certified and licensed pest control experts. Thus, look upon us for controlling any sort of flea infestation!

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    DIY Ways Control Fleas Infestation Adelaide

    • Flea Control Pills

      Give flea control pills to your pets which can be effective in removing the mites.

    • Flea Shampoos

      Moreover, give them a bath with flea shampoos

    • Flea Dips

      Further, pets can be given flea dips which are strong chemical rinses to combat fleas.

    • Flea Collars, Powders, and Sprays

      Also, these are different products used by professionals to combat fleas.

    • Professional and Spot on Flea Treatments

      Professional flea control and spot-on treatments can ensure complete flea removal.

    Our Effective Flea Control Process

    Real Pest Control in Adelaide follows a scientifically designed planned process for flea control and complete prevention.

    • Inspection

      This is the initial step in which our pest control experts detect the problem and find out the areas from where the fleas can enter.

    • Identifying the Type of Fleas

      We identify the fleas to determine the type of treatment necessary.

    • Deciding a Treatment Plan

      According to the type of fleas and level of infestation, we decide the treatment plan and products.

    • Applying Chemicals on Bedding and Upholstery

      We treat all the prone areas with safe chemicals.

    • Final Inspection

      We conduct a final inspection to ensure that the treatment is successful.

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    Flea Control Adelaide: Why Hire Us?

    • We provide the best professional flea control services in Adelaide.
    • Further, we have tie-ups with registered veterinarians who recommend us appropriate treatment for pets.
    • Also, we use absolutely safe products and our flea control process ensures the complete elimination of ants.
    • Moreover, we take effective measures to prevent a re-infestation and also educate the homeowners on how to avoid any more such hassles.
    • Furthermore, we provide the most reliable and affordable pest control services in Adelaide
    • Additionally, we provide same day and emergency flea infestation control services in Adelaide
    • We consist of local and licensed pest control experts in Adelaide who help you in fighting flea infestation.

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    What are flea Control services?

    Flea Control service is another pest control service. It generally targets the fleas in your location. You can get fumigation and sprays for fleas. Also, you can get special treatments for cat and dog fleas.

    Do the customers have to pay some Advance at the time of booking?

    No, our customers do not have to pay any advance for the Flea Control services. You will get the final bill at the end of the services. However, you can discuss the prices in advance with our team.

    Do you cover the whole of Adelaide in the service?

    Yes, we cover the whole of Adelaide in our services. We have clients from entire Adelaide and its suburbs.