Let me know your charges for pest control in Adelaide?

The charges of pest control in Adelaide depend on various factors so it depends on your needs. However, our basic inspection and treatment start from $170. You can share your problem with us to know the exact charges. 

Do you need to leave the home during treatment?

It is your choice to leave or stay during the pest treatment. If there will be any risk, then we will share that with you in advance. 

Are pesticides harmful to pets and children?

No, we only use standard and eco-friendly chemicals. However, we use chemicals to deliver pest control services in hostels, hospitals, schools, and many places. But you should keep your children and pets away from the infected and treated area.

Do you offer rodent control?

Yes, our team of pest controllers will provide you with the complete eradication of rodents. We can handle rodents with our effective solutions and techniques. Rats, mice, and possums are the most common rodents we find in Adelaide. 

Do you offer same-day pest control services?

Yes, we offer same-day pest control services. Moreover, we also deliver weekend pest control services. Reach us now to know more about our pest control services.