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Ants are those species of the animal kingdoms that prefer to live and attack in colonies. Also, they leave a pheromone trail for other pals to follow. Further, if they infect a house, they can create a huge nuisance and problem for all the members living in that house. Thus, ant control is extremely important in places like Adelaide which is a hub of a wide variety of ants. They can create a huge mess in your house and can lead to unhygienic living conditions. If you are also troubled because of ants’ infestation in and around your house in Adelaide, then Real Pest Control is right available to provide you with the best assistance.

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Ant Control Adelaide

Why Should You Hire Experts For Ant Control?

It is crucial to let the professionals do the job if there is an infestation occurring at your residence. Ants are quick and cannot be easy to catch thus only professionals can handle them and can eliminate all of their infestations from your house with the aid of eco-friendly solutions and advanced tools.

Types of Ants That May Invade Your Homes in Adelaide

Carpenter Ants

If defined physically, they are quite broad, having an average length between 6 and 13 millimeters. Now, they are named as carpenter ants because they do not attack a piece of wood in order to eat it, rather they excavate it in order to make their home or nests. Houses with humid climates are most likely to get infected by this category of ants.

Acrobat Ants

Acrobat ants’ color varies from brown to yellow. Physically, they are about 2-3 millimeters in size. They make their nest outside a moist wood, and inside damaged wooden furniture or decorative items. If you threaten these ants, they lift their abdomen part and in this posture, they resemble a scorpion. They are attributed as aggressive species of ant and can sting badly.

Argentina Ants

If we talk about their size, they are generally 2.5-3 millimeters, with a single lobe. They are dark brown in color. This family of ants takes shelter at various places in the winter season, whereas in summer, they nest in shady areas.

Asian Needle Ant

These are generally 5-6 millimeters in size and have a single lobe. They have brownish-orange color. This category is regarded as the least aggressive one among all the other ant species. They sting when they come in contact with the human skin.

Dark Rover Ant

These are very small in size (only 1.5-1.7 millimeters). They also have only one node and are brown in color. Further, they mostly nest near the human population. They make their home in gardens, parking areas, backyards and the likes. Also, they live in large colonies and that is why regarded as the species of ant that can create the maximum amount of nuisance for human beings.

Why Is Ant Control Important?

It is important to stop breeding Ants in and near your houses due to the following reasons:

  • As ants attack colonies, they can damage various household things like wires, electrical appliances, and the likes.
  • If they get into your kitchen or dining room, they can ruin food and make it unhygienic to eat. Those food items cannot be used also. They can also get inside water bottles or a baby’s milk bottles. This may affect the health of little children.
  • Always cleaning the items and keeping the food inside or cover is not the only solution. Try to control ants because if you overlook them they keep on increasing in number and, this results in a huge mess that cannot be dealt with easily.
  • Ants have the ability to damage the walls and the roof of your houses. They often make voids or holes here and there making your house look dirty and bad.

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    How to Control Ant infestation?

    Following are some easy ways and home remedies to control ants’ infestation:

    • Use Borax Powder
      Make lines of borax powder along the way of an ant colony, and try to direct that way to the outside of the house. The ants follow this path and get out of your house. This is because ants are attracted to borax when ingested.
    • Pepper Powder
      You may also use pepper powder at the source of the void from where the ants are getting inside your house. Ants are allergic to pepper powder; it stops them at the entrance only.
    • White Vinegar
      Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water and fill it into a spray bottle. Now, spray this mixture at the entrance, voids and baseboards of your house. It kills ants and prevents their further infestation as well.
    • Lemon
      You can also use lemon to get rid of the ants. Just soak small cotton balls in lemon-based oil and keep them in cabinets, cupboards, at entrances, doors, etc. The acidic property of lemons masks the pheromone trail of ants and they lose their way.

    These are some easy-to-use methods to get rid of the normal infestation by the ants in your house. But if the problem is large it is best to hire professional help. And, if you are a resident of Adelaide then Real Pest Control Company is the best option to go for.

    Our Ant Control Process

    • Inspection
      Once you hire Real Pest Control in Adelaide for the Ant Control process, we send a team of pest control experts to examine the damage and mess created by the ants. Accordingly, we plan our steps to get rid of the ants and prevent their future infestation as well.
    • Bait Trap
      The following day, the first thing that we do is preparing a bait trap. This bait trap is filled with food that is positioned. All these baits at replaced at the places where the ant colonies have attached.
    • Drilling holes
      If needed, we may also drill holes in order to get rid of ants that may have made nests inside several wooden items, etc.
    • Chemical Spray
      If the problem is huge, our experts can also use organic chemicals to spray in and around the infected area. This kills the ants and eliminates them totally from your house.
    • Final Step
      The final step involves wiping the dead ants and cleaning the area with sanitizer. And this completes our process of ant control.

    Why Hire Us?

    • We are a team of trained and highly skilled local pest control experts in Adelaide and know our work very well.
    • The process we opt for ant control is totally organic and non-toxic.
    • Additionally, we finish our work in stipulated time and our work is trustworthy.
    • The price we charge for an appointment is reasonable and affordable for all the people.

    All, in all we are the best professional help team in Adelaide for Ant control process, and our list of customers includes many elite individuals as well.

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    Does our Ant Control Adelaide treatment come with a guarantee?

    No, we do not give a guarantee of the treatment. You can get more information by contacting a member of our knowledgeable staff. 

    Is it necessary for me to leave my home during the ant control treatment?

    For ant spray treatments, we recommend that you leave the area for 2 to 3 hours to allow the spray to dry. It is not necessary to leave the area but if someone is allergic to the chemicals and sprays, then he or she must leave the area during the ant spray treatment. 

    When will our team for Ant Control Adelaide begin to work?

    We have the facility of finishing any pest control query on the same day or the next day. We can schedule your service day as per your wish. Our fastest response time is within an hour of bookings.